Ananda Valley is a settlement focused on all-round sustainability (environmental, economic and social sustainability) and local development, with a vision of being a model for sustainable 21st century living.

Ananda Valley is located in a gorgeous green valley in the centre of Portugal near the beautiful Serra da Estrela Nature Reserve. Over the last years we transformed this lush but abandoned valley into a habitable place.

Our land currently covers 50 hectares comprehensive of wild forests, a beautiful river, several scattered ruins, small springs, wild fruit trees and also 11 hectares of certified organic agriculture land.

Recently we built a simple suspension bridge, several compost toilets, six solar heated showers, two warehouses for activities and farming, and we are currently improving the camping area with a capacity for 300-400 people.


Sarkar’s vision for MU’s all over the world? 

The moment of inspiration to start a MU in portugal, paul. 

Finding the location. 

The growth over the past 8 years. What has been developed? How many people visited? 


A New Socio Economic Model

Ananda Valley is part of the change towards a new socio economic model; PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory). Learn more about this here

Meet the team

At Ananda Valley, many people come and go, but some are here to stay, we call this our ‘core team’. A small group of dedicated minds, working together to bring more love, more awareness and more sustainability into the world every day. 


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