Biodynamic agriculture – the beginning

Last month, apart from the generic spring activities, organizing some workshops and experimenting a new terrace-compost style, we begun to read some texts of biodynamics, finally arriving to the quite famous (and really deep) series of lectures in Koberwitz (south Poland) by Rudolf Steiner, in 1924. The topic is in itself very deep, and to needs deepening the personal roots into some intuitional-antroposofic basis, not to be achieved in short time; the suggested books from R.Steiner as preliminary readings for these lectures were not less than “Theosophy” and “Occult Science”.
The curious reader generally will find hard times to fully appreciate and be at ease with the lectures, that require a not small intuitional background, and often I’ve found people more at ease with books like the Heynitz/Merckens book “Das biologische Gartenbuch” (in Italian “L’orto biodinamico“), or the Koepf / Pfeiffer classical texts, but reading directly the Koberwitz lectures gives a quite deeper meaning, connecting some dots and opening other directions of investigation. It’s of course not an easy topic, but for sure something important is there to be investigated and experimented in the field from all the serious researchers in the field of permaculture / sustainability / resilience.

Useful links:

Interestingly, several of the classical texts on biodynamics can be downloaded “for research and study only” from the above online library if they are “out-of-print” – even if a nice second-hand copy is usually quite cheap and easy to find in internet.

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