Spring glimpses

For a couple of weeks seemed already spring: very hot sun, warm breeze, and in the air the tipical march perfume… it lasted only up to few days ago, when temperature dropped 10°C, due to cold winds from the north.

But this window of spring glimpses gave us the opportunity to begin activities in the Master Unit, begin clearing paths, some of the land between the ruin and the street, and the small fruit orchard behind the ruin.

Practically, we will begin planting all the berries (blueberries, blackberries, currants, raspberries) 1 year before the planned date, with a first experimental field of 2100 plants in permaculture & biodynamic style (and just now we begun experiments with beneficial micro-organisms). Wonderful experts in these areas are helping and teaching step by step, coming here from Australia, Togo and next week from Italy, to unite efforts, knowledge and hearts.

“There is only one man in the world, And his name is All Men,

There is only one woman in the world, And her name is All Women,

There is only one child in the world, And the child’s name is All Children.”

[Carl Sandburg]

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