Bees, herbs and friends

L'affascinante viaggio del miele dall'alveare alla nostra tavola

Another wonderful weekend with a special friend from Italy, expert in Biodynamic Agriculture, his dynamic and strong son, and two dear friends from Lisbon, vegetarian chefs, that delighted us with wonderful chapatis, coloured curry vegetables and a delicious dessert with bananas, coconut and spices!

Since now in the Master Unit we are experimenting quite a lot with Permaculture, and for sure the presence of Max Lindegger in 2010, after his wonderful PDC (Permaculture Design Course), gave another big input to the project. Still, an important piece was missing from the puzzle, Biodynamics.

And here we are, visiting the future “zone 5”, a place to observe and meditate, just near the river, taking some pictures and enjoying the beautiful sunny day!

We spent all saturday planning and discussing the next year agricultural projects, talking about bees and clay houses, tasting leaves and roots of wild plants sprouting just near the river, where there is more humidity.

Biodynamics it’s quite an interesting topic, difficult to grasp at the beginning due to different way of expressing things, a different way of representing reality; while the deeper concepts of Permaculture can be easily be grasped within ourselves, the basis of biodynamics are to be discovered with a bit more of intuition and deeper inner research.

Walking up the top of the hill to have an overall view on the valley, we explored the idea of an officinal plants garden, and discussed some safety choices for irrigation in years where the weather conditions can become even more unstable. Some ideas about the homeodynamics were also on the table, but first better to get some insights and do some experiments in the field with the basis!

It was a nice exchange of ideas and visions, and for sure the experience and wisdom of Patrizio Michelis overwhelmed all our expectations. The work in the field will begin again this monday, with a new momentum and inspiration, and the phase-wise support of such a deep agronomist and precise man will be unvaluable. Let’s see when we’ll organize with him the first workshop of biodynamic agriculture, or the recent developments of homeodynamics, or bee-keeping and all the world of honeys, or wild plants identification and cooking recipies…

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