Karma Yoga Weekend


Inspired by the PROUT Conference (R)Evolucionar Portugal – Um Novo Mundo é Possível, boosted by the march equinox (have a look here), and moved by the recent crisis in Europe and in all the world, with great joy it was held the first Karma Yoga Weekend in the portuguese Master Unit!

A couple of days, full of fun, meditation, children and a lot of work!

After experimenting in the last 2 months with EM (Effective Microorganisms) compost, 4 buckets were buried to test the effectiveness of the method, in the old cherry orchard. A first discovery-mission was held, in an avalanche rescue-style, to find north limits. Children and grown up gathered 20 bags full of plastic garbage, left by not friendly visitors. Wood leftovers were collected in lines, for a successful shredding and composting.  Some aromatic visitors decided to settle already in the Master Unit, as you can see in the slideshow; mainly this first colony is populated by lavanda, rosemary, calendula, tagetes, mint, buxus…

In the night kiirtan, meditation, a nice dinner with several desserts, and a movie-night with short brainstorming session about the vision of the Master Unit in the next 2-5-10 years. It was a different weekend, the first of a long series of collective fun & work!

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