MU General Meeting 2012

Two days of full-immersion in Ananda Kalyani, 30 friends with common dreams and practical ways to give life to the Master Unit. Brainstormings, reports, presentations of implemented projects, several starting projects and future big steps; joining the efforts to create a better picture for the Master Unit.

An historical moment, the first years of a Master Unit are very special. Nobody, even in the short future, will see again these first footsteps, the work done bit by bit, the cleaning of the land, the decisions on the first orchards, the ancient road full of thorn-bushes, the cherry trees when the first collective meditation begun vibrating the valley, the “lavanda road” the first year of planting and flowering, the big chestnut and the spring just discovered…

The Master Unit City Center is becoming more alive, with 2 new people and 2 new small projects arriving in few weeks. Last year we started YogaRoom, a nice space for Yoga, meditation and workshops in a beautiful room right in the center of the nearby city, with wooden floor and a very “zen” style. From next month we will open a small vegetarian snack bar, a place for small events, gatherings of artists, volunteers and university students, an alternative place where to sit and sip healthy smoothies and wonderful pancakes. And in september will start also a biological agriculture buying cooperative, with a nice concept that will require for sure some time to become stable and established in the city, to support local economy, local organic food and a healthier cooperative lifestyle.

But what is a Master Unit, really? It’s a deep concept, that can be simplified in a thousand different ways to be understood easily, to be shared, but it’s usually something very personal, everybody like to think of “their viewpoint” of MU, bringing inside it whishes, memories, desires, and making it a bit more complicated and difficult. Whatever we envision, the concept is a bit bigger and deep, and our approximations are just a part of it. But inside us, when we clean our mind, when we listen to our intuition without bounds of likes/dislikes, good/bad, inside/outside, it becomes more clear and simple.
There is a beautiful sentence that describes what is a Master Unit:

“Master Units are 
the collective nerve centers of society”

and this was the spirit of this first General Meeting, going inside, feeling it, walking through the land, breathing the smell of pine trees, smiling in the valley, our valley…


Saturday 21st July
9:00-9:30        MU General presentation
9:30-10:30      MU Tour
10:30-11:30     MU Vision
11:30-13:00     Biological Agriculture Project + Q&A
13:00-15:00     Meditation/Lunch
15:00/18:30     Free time
18:30/19:30     MU Quick session
19:30/20:30     Kiirtan + Meditation in MU
20:45/21:30     Dinner

Sunday 22nd July
8:00-9:00         Kiirtan + Meditation in MU
9:00-10:15        Breakfast + Free time: walking around to feel the MU
10:30-12:00     MU Guidelines
12:15-14:00      Meditation/Lunch


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