Master Unit in “Terra Alternativa 2012” – Lisbon

Almost a month ago, but in the heart it’s happening right now: a wonderful gathering of interesting people, inspiring ideas, and hundred of different practical solutions, forgetting the “it’s not possible” motto of media. The Ananda Kalyani team was there, to present what is a Master Unit, how we can jointly move forward, showing with actions that together everything is possible!


There are great problems in all Europe and there are huge problems in Portugal. But there are no alternatives rather then unite the efforts of all that want a sincere change towards a true humanity, that want to implement a healthy society, colouring in different ways the garden of the world, without trying to reduce it to a gray concrete multi-level garage.

Are people supposed to be inactive witnesses of these evident exploitations? All that is necessary for the current exploitations to increase more and more is to do nothing.

… for the welfare of the administrator and the administered of the society as a whole, it’s essential that no one (person or class) be given any scope to exploit the rest of the society.


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