Our community garden

In April we iniciated our biological community gardens in Ananda Kalyani, with the people that have been investing and dedicating their time on the Master Unit project. We divided the garden in 6 plots for everyone to be able to enjoy their own piece of land and give freedom to their agricultural desires.

 Picture 1 – Initial phase of our community garden

A way of increasing our connection to the Earth… Nature! and simultaniously promoting the learning of different cultivating techniques, the sharing of experiences, and of course the relations between our community.

Usually someone brings plants/vegetables to place in their plot and ends us sharing/giving some of what he brought to the other people from the garden. Theres people that even plant on the plot of their neighboor when he doesnt have time!

 Picture 2 – Eggplants on the neighboring plot (Francisco), planted by Shiila

In these encounters, gift giving occurs naturally by the sharing of experiences and cultivation techniques…                                                                                                                         -Whats a raised bed?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -And what are all those ferns for?

On the next day 3 “mini” raised beds were born in our garden!

 Picture 3– Mini raised bed in Shiila’s plot

And there you have it, we ended up getting “addicted”. “Oh you’re going to Ananda Kalyani? I have things to do, what a pitty…”30 seconds later: “I’ll do them later at night, now im going with you!” 😀

And magic happens… in a blink of an eye, the soil is nourished, cared for, new structures and built, new plants/vegetables are planted with the alot of different purposes (theres a person that is growing wheat to make green health juices – its very healthy, he says!), mini-ponds are made, new “fancy” soil coverages are invented…

The winter weather(frost, after days of intense heat) keeps re-apearing and we are all surprised! How did that little plant survived? Our little garden is a living miracle!

Figura4             Picture 4 – Wheat for green juices

Figura5 Picture 5 – Mini pond

Figura6  Picture 6 – Artisticly arranjed soil coverage

And so, with lots of commitment, dedication, love, miracles, creativity, and diversity a biological community garden was born in Ananda Kalyani! For you to better understand how our community garden really is, the best is for you to drop by on our next open day! 😀