The local health store…

Let thy food be thy medicine. – Hippocrates

… and Micro vita was created. A place where everyone can come and buy locally grown, organic food . Created with the same principles as C.A.S.A.S, the healthy eating and sustainable agriculture club, Micro vita acts as its the head-office and as an extension of our efforts to inspire a new, healthier way of thinking about food in our community.


Our restaurant, Ananda Café, lives to show how delicious and nutritious vegetarian food can be, and Micro vita supplies the ingredients so everyone can prepare the same in their own homes. But we don’t stop there. With regular vegetarian cooking classes we strive to teach the know-how so that people can enjoy their food as much as we do. Our Master-chef Shiila can take anyones taste buds to heaven with foods inspired from all corners of world!

Here she is teaching in Castelo Branco!


 We also provide the opportunity of learning how to efficiently grow food with our permaculture and biologic agriculture courses. It’s a joy to watch how inspired people get when they realize how easy it is to have a plentiful crop without any chemicals!

So, if you seek to learn more about vegetarianism, or are a vegetarian yourself and you love to try different and exotic foods, come on by to Ananda Café, on  Rua Comendador Campos Melo 44 – Covilhã.

But don’t stop yourself there, Micro vita and C.A.S.A.S are just one door over!