Biological agriculture course

As a part of our efforts to promote a new and sustainable local economy, we hosted a biological agriculture course!IMG_5541 From the 19th to the 23rd of March the course took place, in the Municipal Library of Fundão, promoted by C.A.S.A.S, the healthy eating and sustainable agriculture club. We are glad to announce that 15 people participated, forming an heterogeneous group with diferent ages, some professional farmers, some amateur coming from all sorts of different places. But they all showed the excitment of learning in these 5 days with Avelino Ormonde, the trainer that came all the way from Açores to share his knowledge of more than 30 years as a biological farmer. Concepts, techniques, insights, all where shared, opening new horizons and inspiring the participants to advance with their agricultural projects, from small gardens to big farms. As we were all curious and ready to get to work, in the end of the course we visited some farms of the participants. So… we are thrilled to announce that one of the goals of C.A.S.A.S was reached, one of the producers showed the will to become a biological farmer, here in the Beira Interior region. Another little advance to the progress of the region, with beneficts to human health, protection of the environment and support of the local economy!