New year, new life…

This year couldn’t start in a better way. The sunny weather and the energy that inspires us constantly allowed us to plant 1550 trees in 2 weeks! We couldn’t be happier, as our Master Unit is slowly coming to life!

550 cherry trees – this region is known for it’s delicious cherries – have been carefully placed on the east side, on a small hill that brings now a feeling of awe when seen from down below. Its amazing to see our plans out of the paper! Near the warehouses, on the piece of land we have set to be our small fruits garden we have given life to 1000 blueberries, blackberries and red currants. As we come closer to having a fully functional Master Unit we are all feeling like there’s nothing we can’t do! The support of our families and friends, volunteers and community has been invaluable.

Life attracts life and so several little owls have also been appearing, and are now building their nests nearby, which makes the night time all the more magical. Hoot Hoot!

The construction process is well on it’s way and we have now built a small road which will give us access to all those hard-to-get places on cherry tree plantation.

Having fun, we get all the work done. I think these pictures can express more than what I could ever write in words.

With the new years energy and the feeling that anything is possible if we work hard enough, we are planning a lot of new activities. We will keep posting so you can stay updated!