Spiritual Warrior Camp

Fun, adventure, teamwork and unleashing our warrior spirit. This was what this last weekend was all about! 14274289966_2069899c16_zPromoted by the Ananda Kalyani team and facilitated by Dada Mokseshvarananda, this retreat turned for three days 23 men and women into fearless warriors in the search for fantastic treasures and hidden secrets. These strong, valiant participants were combined into teams for this endeavor, which made it possible for them to face the several challenges for this experience! Energized by Yoga and  meditation, the warriors were able to sucessfully complete all that was set in their path.

14294097451_3bd643cdd2_zThis resulted in a profound learning and growing experience where strenghts were explored, weaknesses were met and spirits soared!

As for  Ananda Kalyani, it was a very important retreat as it “broke the ice”, and now we feel more confident and willing to keep hosting events such as this. It also allowed us to explore our own Master Unit abit more with a different perspective. Still full of misteries waiting to be known this land, home of the famous Viriathus, is still itself a treasure to be fully discovered.

We’ll leave you with some pictures of this adventure so you can have a taste of all that happened 🙂