Independence and development

We are thrilled to report that our Master Unit is growing more and more. As this is beeing writen, there are tens of people working non-stop at Ananda Kalyani so that we can have an energy supply and water capabilities.   This collective effort  is a mirror of what this project represents. The gathering of people to build something for everyone.

In this case we are getting electricity – solar generated – and building the infrastructures to pump the water from the river to help our plantations manage our Portuguese summer much better. This will mean total independence, and the possibility for our team to live and work in the land! We are slowly building a new home. By spending our days and nights here we can appreciate all the gifts that the land has to give us. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity of nursing the land back to health, and make good use of its resources to create a place where people can create their lifes in a more inspiring and productive way.

We are also building two small ponds that, in one hand, will enable us the manage water in a more efficient way and in the other hand will turn a desert-like landscape into a blossoming garden full of natures creations. By our design, the ecosystems will include not only beautifull and green lushing trees but also new wild-life. By coming here, our new friends can be sure that they will be taken cared of to the best of our possibilities. These small gardens will become calm and secluded areas where anyone can come, rest, and appreciate the best of what our Master Unit can offer.

Ananda Kalyani is growing before our eyes… and us with it!  Everyday we learn and experience something different; a new emotion, a new joy, but…

…this is just the start! Many new challenges, ideias and adventures await us and all the people that feel inspired to join us.