A Weekend with Friends

In Master Unit Ananda Kalyani we welcomed another weekend filled with music, friends and sharing, in the process to create an ecological community that serves as a model of multifaceted service and rural development, alternative tourism center and research and education center, on a voluntary basis and sustainability.

YogaTherapyIn the Yoga Center (space where we perform workshops, lectures, classes, Yoga courses, meditation and personal development, cultural activities of sharing and collective growth) we have the presence of Dr. Marta Antunes (doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, specializing in Yoga Therapy, Yoga teacher in India and member of the International Association of Yogatherapists and AM Yoga Association of Educators) to conduct the lecture on “Yoga Therapy”.

 The Yogatherapy is much more than just physical exercise for relaxation. “It’s a medicine, from the point of view of someone who knows as much as conventional medical as Yoga instructor” explains Dr Marta. This natural and holistic medicine provides the stimulation of the innate healing power of our body and mind. It also has a prophylactic potential as it restores the balance body-mind-spirit. Even if the practitioner does not suffer from any disease, is still advantageous to himself since the side effects are all positive. Yoga stimulates the development of confidence and clarity of thought and willpower, strengthens and lengthens the body, develops coordination, stimulates the nerves and glands, and tones the internal organs. It also helps to maintain a mental flexibility that promotes positive thinking, inner peace, relieve tension and fatigue, deep relaxation, and increases the motivation to learn and improves concentration and memory.

It follows the workshop “Kiirtan – The Cosmic Rhythm“, mystics and spiritual songs, in which they intone mantras (“man” means mind and “tra” translates as expansion, i.e. mantra is a sound, syllable, word, phrase or word, pronounced repeatedly, rhythmically and with a specific ideation) with a deep meaning, for example “love is all there is”. These rhythms / meanings / words can not only prepare the mind for meditation but when practiced on a regular basis allows finding solutions to problems, and get relief for physical and psychological imbalances.

We shared (sitting in a circle) stories and inspiring personal stories and full of light gifts friends, interspersed with small melodies (Katha ‘Kiirtan) to the sound of the guitar and magnificent voice of Dr. Marta. The next day also we participated in a continuous cycle of six hours with songs and dance made in a circular motion in the opposite direction of the clock (Akhanda Kiirtan), who have created an amazing atmosphere of joy and love, of collective energy, and that made it even meditation held this most special and profound period. It was one of the most fascinating moments around the weekend witnessed by those present.

10460507_926669394030868_7045893192770372760_nCulminating of these we delighted with moments of entertainment activities and a lovely vegetarian meal served at Ananda Café (much more than just a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, this space is a meeting place that has hosted workshops (vegetarian cuisine), concerts and nights ethnic and cultural, and more).

On the night, the full moon and the fire, some more mystical and spiritual songs, stories and the presence of many friends, filled with warmth and heart MU Ananda Kalyani. The element of fire and full moon night, have brought an engaging mysticism and magic, rebirth symbol, change and transformation, which undoubtedly is happening in this valley, where we are building a space to receive the project volunteers and participants of our activities on the beauty and tranquility of nature of this location.

The heat emanating from the fire with its flames danced dropping little sparks of light in the sky where mingled with the stars, and the feeling that generated among all was enough to ward off the cold that still slipped the snowy mountains park of Serra da Estrela.

Fire1 Fire2

Sitting around the campfire, Dada D. (monk, teacher of yoga and meditation and social entrepreneur in humanitarian aid projects in the context of natural disasters) shared some of their inspiring stories around the world, and still leave room for some laughs, remembering his animal companions  (such as Tofu – the kitten that wanted to go to “Andanças”). The sound and vibration of percussion and guitars sang, danced hand in hand, we laugh, we share tea … until the time to go because the night was already high …

Fire2 Fire3

Thus ended a weekend filled with the certainty that all those who participated in these events left with hearts full and with the feeling to come back and relive a new life-changing experience!

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