Moments of Inspiration – Spring Retreat

Love is all there is”!!! This is the inspiring feeling that remains in our hearts after the last retreat organized by Ananda Kalyani and Ananda Marga Covilhã, filled with moments of sharing and inspiration in a relaxing and familiar atmosphere. The retreat was held on the first weekend of April in Cabeço do Pião Silvares, a quiet place between valleys and hills, south of the natural park of Serra da Estrela, 10 minutes from the Master UnitAnanda Kalyani”.

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The retreat with the theme Journey Within included many activities such as mystical dances and songs (Kiirtan), meditation, yoga, moments of reflection and opportunities for interaction, nature walks, sharing, fun, delicious vegetarian food in a spirit of harmony and interaction between all participants, the nature around us and our innermost being!

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A soft melody of Kiirtan Baba Nam Kevalam (“Love is all there is) and guitar awakened us each new day. Still night around here abide, and space intended for indoor activities, was felt a mystical environment, with only the lighting small candles, ideal for deep meditation.


Before the tasty breakfasts, Prakash, Madhuvanii and Prahlad guided us in yoga classes, pure moment of relaxation and wellness. 

Dada and Nishita shared reflections and personal stories about fear, happiness and forces Vidya Shakti and Avidya Shakti, dynamic forces that guides us, some to the outside world and others to our inner being, back to our origin, where lies our true Self.

The first step begins here and now, with searching, becoming aware, acceptance and transformation of ourselves, in order to reach the desired happiness, well-being and development of spirituality, a process that is internal.


From theory to practice we move to the inner growth and confidence games, facing some of our fears. Many laughs, mutual aid and sharing between everyone surrounded by nature.

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In the evening a cultural night where Shiila, Madhuvanii, Jishnu, João, Prahlad and Aniisha sang and enchanted with their music and voices, giving even space for some dancing!

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To end this night illuminated by the full moon guitar, percussion, and dance around the fire released all the emotions of a very active day.

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Karma Yoga!! As always, there was also time for group activities to serve the meals and do some cleaning! With some responsibility but also a lot of fun, it was a moment of sharing among all.

The MU Ananda Kalyani welcomed us mid-morning, with its breathtaking landscape, filled with green and colored by small wildflowers, and its small river of crystalline and fresh waters, skirting the rocks and reflecting the nature around.


It was on the small river bank, Dada and Prakash presented the Ananda Kalyani project, the current state, the next steps, challenges and inspiration behind this collective project.


In a team spirit, we set off for the last task to perform on the East hillside of this master unit. On the terraces which were planted new fruit trees it was necessary to help the ecosystem by spreading straw and natural fertilizer. For this task we divided ourselves into groups, spreading also a lot of Baba Nam Kevalam!! Soon this whole hillside will be full of biodiversity niches.66666Sem Título

Also at the small river was a very special team, to meditate on the banks of the water. It was beautiful to see the joy of children, running barefoot, splashing in the water, playing with stones, a moment of pure magic and love, and in the background making us believe that we are contributing for a brighter tomorrow!

We finished with lots of laughter and some tears, telling stories of past experiences lived in other adventures and feelings that grew from living with this big family.



With much love we say goodbye for now! See you soon in a new retreat, and next time, held in this magic valley of MU Ananda Kalyani.


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