Ananda Kalyani´s new warriors

Transformation of special beings in Master Unit Ananda Kalyani! It took place on the last weekend of May to 3th edition of Spiritual Warrior Camp.

Had the support team of the Master Unit led by Dada D. and Dada T. (coming from Madrid) for this very special task. All of them were tireless in supporting, the lessons and guidance of the activities that would they transform us over these days.

A very special recipe was prepared in Master Unit Ananda Kalyani and Penha Garcia by Chefs Dadas that added the divine beings (from all over the country and even from Spain) a good handful of secret adventures and activities, where fears were tackled and confidence and inner strength were rediscovered, a hint of mystical songs and dances (Kiirtan), meditation and yoga, teamwork baste, full communion with nature. And the result after three days are the new spiritual warriors of Ananda Kalyani!!!







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