Ananda Kalyani´s Open Day – June/15

Sem TítuloThis open day was inserted into the Global Sharing Week an initiative of our partner The People Who Share – Portugal.

Morning came with a lot of rain that came brighten the colors and aromas spread in a very special way, all the wild vegetation in MasterUnit Ananda Kalyani, that inspired us for this day of magic and sharing with many friends.

After Dharmacakra (collective meditation, usual on Sundays), the rain gave truces and the sun shone with all its magic.


Dia Aberto Medita+º+úo Coletiva na Ananda Kalyani


Apart from a walk in nature by the water stream in the Master Unit, we can see the projects that are already transform this valley and meet future projects, we collect some garbage (left here in recent years before our arrival), and there was still time for some sport with lots of fun even before the picnic lunch.


Dia Aberto passeio pelas levadas na Ananda Kalyani


Dia Aberto Recolha lixo 2 na Ananda Kalyani

Dia Aberto Atividades na Ananda Kalyani-001

Dia Aberto Partilha de futuros projetos na Ananda Kalyani


Dia Aberto Atividades na Ananda Kalyani3

Dia Aberto Picnic vegetariano na Ananda Kalyani

After the meal with delicious vegetarian food, we were in the red fruits small field (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and currants) where we can pick raspberries and blueberries, and even plant a few small plants offers to the Master Unit Ananda Kalyani, always to the sound of “Baba Nam Kevalam” (” Love Is All There Is “).

 Dia Aberto Atividades no campo de frutos vermelhos da Ananda Kalyani


Dia Aberto Apanha de frutos vermelhos na Ananda Kalyani-001  IMG_2525  IMG_2538

Increasingly, the farewell is “up short” very soon have scheduled new activities that we want to share with all friends of Ananda Kalyani.

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