The Rainbowcity village. Good vibrations and lots of love

In a stupendous land Daniel and Anthony had decided to create an eco-village or rather, a project about alternative treatment for people. Their goal is: give love, love yourself and to learn “who am I instead who someone tell me I have to be”. There are two domes, tends, a deck-bus house. They are only vegan because they think that it is the best way to live an healthy life. Here the story when I met Daniel.


I always use to think how people can change their life in this society, is it possible? You grow, go to school, to university if you want, start to look for a job, if it is a nice job is better, during the year you have some holidays and you travel or you stay at home to lie down on the sofa. That’s the life. But sometimes can happen that some people start to change the way of think. How can I change my life? I don’t want a “normal” life, I want to do something that make more sense to my existence. After this few people can decide to transform their world. Somebody decide to quit the job and start to travel, other people can decide to climb the Everest (sorry I just watched the new movie…) other to go to live on a boat (like Mayyadish, an english crazy guy that I met here!) and other to go away from the city and try to build a village, a small or big where they can live in a different way. This last example is something that I’m going through in my volunteer experience.

I’m starting to be in contact with this kind of people that had decided to have a different life. For example people from Ananda Kalyani through the Master Unit or Rainbowcity both are project that took place in Portugal.

I had the possibility to visit Rainbowcity, an amazing place where Daniel and Anthony on January 2014 started their new life. Daniel explained the goal of this project: Give love and learn how to love yourself.

I went in this land I saw two white domes surrounded by soil, trees, rocks and an extraordinary landscape.


I walked in one of this dome: coulored and full of nice things space. I was having a look at this wonderful place but immediately Daniel, with his big smile and all of his tattoo, started to ask me what I wanted to know. “Just something about the project”. So he started to tell the story.

Daniel and Anthony bought that land and the project started in 2014. They had a lucky life with anythings that people can have but “I had all in my life, a beautiful car, a big house, a lot of parties but I wasn’t happy, I wanted more and more”, said to me Daniel. So he decided to take a new path and reshape his life. He doesn’t need money anymore and for Daniel the problem is in the system, it doesn’t work because we live in a world of fear. The biggest fear for everybody is death but Daniel isn’t fear to die, he believes that we are energy and “when I will die my soul, my energy will go back to the Earth” he said. There are good vibrations in Rainbowcity, love and peace but there is somethinG that still comes in my mind: how can you live totally without money, move in that place and leave your money out of your life? Just to decide to go away from the society. For Daniel you don’t need money if you are there. If you decided your plan A or rather to go there, you don’t have to think about your plan B. This is his explanation. Full stop. And immediately he continues to talk about his choice: to be healthy.

All people that live or cross Rainbowcity eat only vegan food. One the most important thing for this people is to be healthy, know what you eat, where the food come from. They feed their body only with organic and vegan food and sustain their soul with yoga and meditation. In fact Daniel and the other Rainbow citizen (5/6 people more or less) want to create a space for an alternative treatment for people with meditation, crystal reiky and yoga. They want to show that a healthy lifestyle can avoid any disease like depression, insecurity and even cancer.

I look around while Daniel speaking and there are other buildings under contruction, the future Daniel’s house with some dormitory for the hosts. Further there is a deck bus that they brought from England and they converted in a house.

An extraordinary idea, maybe a temporary house for someone because “can be hard to live all life in a bus” admit Daniel; but still a crazy and amazing suggestion!

IMG_5647_edited IMG_5654_edited


The last question is about Arise, a new kind of party that Rainbowcity is sponsoring in England. A party with free alcohol cocktails, where people can have fun without to alter their mind or body. There are healthy food and drink at this party, some peculiar food, like cocoa beans that can give more energy and other interesting refreshments. You can see when there will be the next event                                              here:

So at the end I said thank you to Daniel, the dark is coming and i have to come back in “my” house where other people are building another interesting project.

I get in the car and my mind is more confused than before but it doesn’t matter I saw this people changed their normal life in something else, they show me that there is another possibily.

Only if you have doubts and keep asking question you will find the right path, we have to see as much as possible in this world and do not accept advices without to try and to compare and to think it over by oneself!


Valeria Shinlova