Lessons of Guitar & Kiirtan

The lessons of “Guitar & Kiirtan” are directed to those who want to learn or improve to play guitar combined with theme of Kiirtan and mantras.

It was this Wednesday (at 19 o’clock), the 2nd guitar class at the Yoga Center! We already have a group full of willingness to learn to play guitar and mystical songs.

The team of Ananda Marga with all his patience and dedication shared with us teachings and tips, melodies and new rhythms, and the end of class to have played together the first Kiirtan !!!

IMG_20151111_192304     IMG_1308     IMG_1306

A very inspiring lesson and leaving us to think (perhaps!) A future time of sharing with all musical instruments and voices in the Collective Meditation, witch happens as usual at 19: 30h in the same space.

Appears whenever you want in the Collective Meditation!

And if know how to play an instrument, asks for personal information to participate in the classes of “Guitar and Kiirtan” !!!

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