International Spiritual Warrior Camp


Besides a lot of heat and work (with participation in summer festivals “Be-In” and “Andanças“) this summer left space for the realization of the International Spiritual Warrior Camp (ISWC) in Ananda Kalyani Master Unit.

“Rites of Transition” was the theme of this edition, which had the guidance and organization of the Dadas and the whole team of Ananda Marga Covilhã.

To expand horizons, the ISWC tried a new approach, with new activities and exercises always around a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and discovering the true potential of each participant.


We ask the testimony of Dada Mokseshvarananda that very kindly shared with us his impressions of this adventure:

“It was my pleasure to be part of the facilitation of this year’s international Spiritual Warrior Camp. The activities were especially designed to give a maximum of challenges to the participants. (…)

The first day was preparing the team-spirit with interactive games in the morning and a rafting trip in the afternoon, where we had to build our own rafts and we reached just before sunset to our final destination. The next day was the main day and more participants joined to attack the “warrior race” or the race of our life, as the participants had to carry a stone all the way through the course.

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 In the afternoon they had to find hidden Chakras in the woods and being challenged by renegade teams on the way. The last day they had to face their fears individually by climbing through several ropes and a Zip line


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The spirits were high and everyone made it through the program without any incidents and for me the most challenging parts were the preparation and the rafting trip that seemed to never end. 538867_4138644297015_1122525220_n DSC_0056

The most important in our materialist culture of selfishness and pleasure-seeking, is to learn how to enjoy struggles and facing our fears. That is how we become strong, responsible and mature human beings and that is how we can start effecting changes in ourselves and society.

I hope that ISWC can become a vehicle to help more and more people to find their inner strength and seek harmony through meditation. Many thanks for the organizers and participants, it is an honor for me to be part of this work and I am happy to see so many grateful people who enjoyed the experience.”

It was another sharing experience and connection with our essence in the MU Ananda Kalyani.

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