Noite cultural at Ananda Café

The last Thursday night at Ananda Café started with a Noite Cultural , an event is beginning to be important for the covilhanense nightlife.

Ananda Café is a small but really warm place in Rua Comendador Campos Melo; the first vegetarian restaurant opened in Covilhã. If you go there you will find a little Filipina woman who can speak portugues, english, french and in her heart and hands keeps all over the world.


To discover this different taste you have just to try one of her dishes, a mix of ingredients and spices that come from Asia, Europe,  Usa and more and more. In this place Shiila, helped by her giant and always smiling son, Jishnu and her italian sidekick Prahlad (he is italian, make no mistake for his indian style!), so they cook, serve amazing food associated always with a smile.

And this trio use to organize also Noite Cultural , an evening with some friends who come from another place and introduce cultural and more of his/her country.

This time was the turn for USA , the Atchleys’ family: Ben presented his country, his opinion about Usa and the reasons because this big family moved in Portugal.  

It was an impressive presentation, nothing to deal with a “normal” idea about America that people has usually. A different America, maybe strong but real, a point of view from who escaped from such a big land. “No freedom to speak, to be honest, to live a simple life, to just being alive” said Ben.

Here, we are talking about culture, politics, way of life, opinions and people. IMG_7217_edited

And Ben shows to us how every day life is affected by many things: culture, political choice and general will of freedom.            

 As Gandhi use to say “In democracy no fact of life is untouched by politics“.

Maybe Atchleys’ family need more time to think about nice things in Usa, to figure out everything, but “the important is people” and can be good people everywhere and Ananda Cafè welcomed this new family with all vegetarian dishes in a mix between american and portuguese style!

And all we can do is to say: Don’t miss the next Noite Cultura!

MUSIC SUGGESTION (someone came from USA…):