A volunteer experience from Porto


Do you know that feeling when 2 weeks seems like a month or more? Do you know when your life won’t be the same anymore as you return back “home“? Did you ever felt that “seeds” were planted in you and you can’t just return home and be that same person, with the same lifestyle and habits?

As a volunteer, I helped to clean the precious and beautiful beach at Master Unit. Without the garbage that the river brought during winter and without the brambles this place became a piece of paradise.

This is also a place where the principles of Permaculture are applyed and I am thankfull for all the things I have learned, mainly about the respect for nature. It is beautiful how we can colaborate with Nature and work with it instead of use and abuse Her as we see all over the world.

I have also spent several hours cleaning the farm and removing brambles in order to prepare it for activities and summer camps. Although this work seem nothing special, it was amazing to see this place restore it’s original beauty and potencial.

Besides the work as a volunteer, the fact that we where living together brought many challenges, different perspectives, long talks about meditation, life, raw food and it’s benefits (yes, I confess, it was difficult for me to try to change but now I feel such a big difference on my body and mind…)

So, the last 2 weeks were a double journey and adventure: a travel to Portuguese countryside and a journey through myself, where I was pushed to expand, to learn about my rhythm, how to create healthy boundaries, patience, friendship, and to surrender to all challenges that the Universe brings to me.

I feel so grateful for this experience

Baba Nam Kevalam

Anabela Natividade (Ainjali)”

ainjali chuva