About creativity, feelings and more

Do you know that your movement could be yellowish, like made of cotton and airy? And the people can be agree about the color and the material that you movement represented. Giulio and Paolo called them: perceptions. Intuitions.

They work on a course called Design Feelings from a couple of years and at the same time they also carry on their projects, ideas and personal feelings.

The two Italian guys appeared during one sunny day in Covilhã for a workshop about the neutral mask with which they made themselves known in the city and then the day after they presented their course: Design Feeling. And what is it? It is hard to explain and to describe it. I can say that is how to create, to make design, through the movement made by some activities to create energy: there are physical movement, breathing, imagination and eccentric visionary of our and the other’s move; all of this and more to develop our creativity.

If you find yourself in the same room with Paolo and Giulio you can immediately harmonize with them in a different human and energetic level. It doesn’t happen so often to perceive so many energy and empathy. Giulio with a nice Brazilian accent translates Paolo’s quite and accurate explanation. The two guys are in a synergistic connection, they are enjoying and they are working hard to make feel every person comfortable. You can’t alienate yourself, to think about other things during the course, you must to be there to add your energy, that it has to be absolute, complete, directed at that moment. They can feel if you are going out with your mind and they will call you back, in that room, to pay attention at the group. You are doing some weird movement, that you never did in your life and maybe you can’t understand the real meaning of them. Giulio drives you for the moves and Paolo, seated or stand, observes, they never leave you with their gaze.

So it is a design course and at the end we have to draw, to feel and to let the others feel. They keep an eye on your work, they give some advice, without to judge, make you to understand if your movement or your drawing are communicated, are perceived and comprehended, if there is feeling in it.

At the end of the course they are so tired like all of us, but it was a long and intense day, everybody have a lots of news thoughts to elaborate, to think about it.

It is hard to explain everything that happened but the atmosphere was full of feelings, tension, happiness and people wanted to do many new things and experiments.

Thank you Giulio and Paolo, come back soon in Covilhã to bring your energy here!

Music suggestion: http://bit.ly/1Tt0wz3