Aromas Tour

With the aromas tour in the Master Unit Ananda Kalyani, was the right occasion to take care of body, mind and spirit!

In a sharing ambience with nature and friends, we started the morning with an outdoor (about 2 hours and 30 minutes) walk, around the MU. Between mountains, hills and sierra …, through rivers, creeks and streams …., along trees, shrubs and plants …., through pine aromas, eucalyptus, giesta, rosemary, rockrose and macela …., next to birds , butterflies and bees …., amid sounds of birds, crickets and cicadas …., through all the colors and sounds of nature, with the sun shining and the wind sweeping up all dayli thoughts. We plunged into our silence, which helped to attract attention to surroundings and the attention to our breath ….

Some fatigue on arrival was dimmed with the landscape of the beach where the green and blue are reflected in the clear waters of the small river that runs through the Ananda Kalyani. On the river bank we meditated and shared a moment of inspiration. And as the effort and the rediscovery to our “deeper self” had been achieved, and because the tummy already was giving signs we went to the picnic! The trees around us shared their shadow and we shared among all a feast of vegetarian healthy foods where everyone gave their best for bringing delicious recipes, many of those made for the first time!

A very inspiring day of rediscovery of our innermost being, in which the word that best defines this activity was undoubtedly: sharing!

Grateful to all _/|\_

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