Volunteer Review – Alexandre Seguro

My name is Alexandre Seguro and I’m a Portuguese 17-year-old boy finishing high-school in Lisbon. I’ve become more conscious about the world around me in the recent years being concerned about its problems and striving to find and learn effective solutions. In the quest of making sense of my reality I started to question the things I had previously accepted as truth and found out many of them were illusions passed on to me by the society I grew up in. This led me searching more deeply in hopes of finding profound and meaningful answers. At this point I became interested in spirituality, sustainability and social action and have been growing in these aspects since then by changing my life-style.

A month ago, I met Dada Mahaprajinananda (an Ananda Marga monk) at the IV Ecossocialist Encounters in Lisbon and he told me about Ananda Marga and PROUT, giving me flyers of both.

Because I was busy with school, I only started looking into the flyers two weeks after. But when I did … I was amazed! I felt very happy learning about Ananda Marga, its projects and the philosophical and spiritual roots supporting it. Then I saw the Ananda Kalyani Master-Unit project and was very impressed and excited because it was the vision I had of what the world needs and actually what I wanted to do after high-school (building a sustainable self-sufficient community that serves as an example and model to aid the development of Humanity). The amazing thing is: they are actually doing it!

They are not just theorizing about the ideal community with the best way of living sitting at home in the computer watching documentaries, like I was 🙂

Even though it is very important to theorize and dream, it is crucial to put it into action, make mistakes, learn, grow and continue to develop the dream adjusting it to the real world, so that it can become true!!

And this is hard. It takes a lot of effort to pioneer in a project that is trying to create a different (sustainable, equal, connected, peaceful and abundant) way of living. You are paddling against the stream and, in the beginning, you don´t have many people to help… But don’t feel discouraged! The magic is that when you are doing something good for Humanity, that is righteous and rooted in truth you have a lot of strength. And as long as you persist in moving forward with utmost confidence in your capabilities, it is only a question of time until people can see the good you’re doing and decide to join you. You have to lead by example. And when people start joining the project and giving it their strength, it will be at an ever-increasing rate, like the Fibonacci Sequence, and things start manifesting more easily showing the abundance it is possible to create from uniting Humanity with one common goal: TO THRIVE TOGETHER AS ONE!

Gladly the people behind the project are very dedicated and give themselves fully to it in self-less service, understanding the bigger picture and importance of this kind of projects in the world today. For this, I have tremendous respect for the volunteers helping in the project!

I had the fortunate opportunity to join them for a week, during this Xmas vacations, and grow a lot. I knew I was going to be with good people, learning directly about the project and growing spiritually but I wasn´t aware of how fast-paced the routine is, how hard it is to work on the land physically (most days, I went to pick olives in the morning and clear bushy areas in the afternoon to create space for beautiful forest gardens) and how disconnected I still am to Nature (not being gentle and conscious enough with the plants I was interacting with) even though I connected more and enjoyed it: you realize you have so many friends :). This made me gain a precious new perspective of the world, realizing the Human Race disconnected from the Earth and abandoned the rural areas to refuge in the comforts and commodities of the city-life. This disconnection, I feel, has caused many of the problems we see today. So, the obvious solution for me now is to go back to the origins, relearning what we’ve neglected (ancient spiritual wisdom of the East and present in Nature) and using the positive things we’ve gained with this “trip” (technological tools and scientific knowledge of the West). We urgently need more people to see the vision of the possibility of a better world; we have everything we need! Let’s make it happen!

Volunteering at Ananda Kalyani is not an easy adventure, it is challenging but very rewarding! I’m very glad to be part of the team now and super inspired to continue working on the project from Lisbon.

If you feel inside of you the desire to create a better future for Humanity and are willing to let your ego aside, facing new challenges and growing as a community, this is a place where you can do it with joy, being a part of something bigger than yourself! But don´t forget: to create this new way of living we have to be willing to change ourselves and let go of our comfortable but unproductive habits we are used to in normal society. Ananda Kalyani is a place where significant change is happening! You have to be centered and remain calm on the inside but be active and productive on the outside. This way you unleash your great inner potential, sharing it with the world!