Novidades do Ananda Valley

We can already see the mountains with the gold of flowers. Yes, spring has come and with it came flowers and fruits!

We are taking care of ourselves, and protecting all the others, staying “at home” . We are still working on our farm and also on line.

So, for us, life is still almost normal.

Farm Maintenance
Among some new features, we are doing the maintenance of the spaces where our events take place.

Recently, with the help of a local master mason, we have taken several stone walls to contain water.

This unusual moment is teaching many people the importance of planting their food.

What we plant here is still for internal consumption. But the harvest already helps us in many ways.

At this moment, after much care with the earth, we are harvesting:

Three types of cabbage, parsley, coriander, lettuce, chard, strawberry, rocket radish, oregano, thyme and lime basil.

Our special thanks to Alexandre Ferreira, Aline Pradeiczuk and Marcelo Costa, caretakers of our land.

Dreams and goals in common

One of the secrets to good teamwork is that most of us have many goals in common. One of them is to create new paths to sustain this dream, Ananda Valley. A dream that is already a reality.

And besides, we create moments of relaxation and well being with:

  • Self care and immunity.

    To create more well-being, we had workshops for the whole team with the facilitators:
    Dada Mahaprajiinanda, Alexander Mcdonell (Alexa) and Silvia Lucarini (Satyavati).

    Some themes:
    Yoga and daily self care, Communication with empathy,
    Science and Meditation, Etical Concepts of Yoga: Yamas and Nyamas,
    Theater for non-actors, among others.

  • Cooking Meditate Eating

    We always have collective meditation, twice a day. Everyone is invited to participate whenever they can and with their personal practice.

    On the last Fridays we meditate and cook together.

    We had raspberry cake, lasagna, pizza and other delicacies.

Did you feel like it?

Soon we will all be together to enjoy good times!

Hugs to all

Silvia Satyavati

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