Volunteer Review – Alberto Pasciolla

Being a volunteer in this magic place means to be heard, to be respected, to be supported, to be loved as if it was a big family, but I need to say it, sometimes…is even more than a family. Being a volunteer here means also questioning our life, our society, our mindset, our ego, our reality, and starting to see hope for humanity, here you can appreciate the miracle that is life and the beautifulness of our planet earth.
This is a very challenging historical period, almost everybody is suffering more than usual, and us young… we’re most lost than ever, we are giving up, we are thinking that life sucks and that doesn’t have any meaning, we don’t know what to do in life, we don’t know who to be and too often we give up on ourselves and life, but if you are similar to me, and if you’re reading this you probably are, it’s hard to find friends, I mean real friends, the ones with whom you can grow with, not the ones that tell you to play it small and that you are just a “dreamer”, what is life without dreams by the way? But here, you will meet the people that will help you grow, and you can help others grow with your talents.
Ananda Valley is a work in progress, like us, every day we are in the pursuit of happiness, joy, love, to end up realizing that everything is already here, at our disposal, because what we need in life is already here, inside of us, even if we need to improve, we are already perfect in our imperfections, the same is for Ananda Valley. But this doesn’t mean to settle for less, that’s why we need people like you to build a better Valley and a better future for humanity, because if you want to have significant life and you have the opportunity to come here, you must do it, at least in my opinion. I took part at the “European solidarity corps” program, I’ve been paid for volunteering here 2 months, so if you are willing to discover more about yourself and to learn or improve your capacity and willingness to look inside yourself or you just want to live in nature and take a break from this sick and stressful society and live in a blissful and wonderful place, take advantage of this “unfair” opportunity and come here to change your life for the better.
Now that the 2 months passed like 2 days I don’t want to leave, and even when I will, I will carry this place, these people, and these teachings with me forever, and I will always consider this place my home, I won’t ever leave it, I will come back, now a piece of my heart belongs to this place and I will always be grateful for my experience here that taught me more than what you can imagine.
Life is a wonderful gift and the minimum we can do is to make it a masterpiece, to be an example, and to show to all world that is possible to be happy, to reach our dreams, and to live a fulfilled life, I know that is hard, trust me, and this is why place like Ananda Valley exist, to help us to reach our next level, this is what has done to me, so if you are tired to live among the sheep and you need to recharge your energy and to learn tools that will help you for your all life, Ananda valley is the place for you.
Reach us on Instagram, Facebook, or our website, come in contact with us and give to the world and yourself another opportunity, come to stay some days with us, the contribution we ask is ridicule.
The more I stay here, the more I say and I feel that life is beautiful, permit yourself to dream.

Alberto Pasciolla

25 September 2020

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