Volunteering – Erasmus + European solidarity corps

This year we are receiving a project from the Erasmus + European solidarity corps This is the second time it happens on our farm.
We have two options for a stay of 2 or 4 months, for young people between 18 and 30 years.
At this moment we are with Alberto Pasciolla from Italy, David Dipankar from France and Gabrielle Barbosa and Mompera Vianney from French Guiana.
Ananda Valley is an inspiring place for the program, as it is located in the center of Portugal, near the Serra da Estrela nature reserve, in a place surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. Ideal place for those who like to be in contact with the green, with the crystal clear waters of the streams and with animals of various species.
Young people have access to a very different program. We have a daily rhythm of an ashram (community). This rhythm helps everyone to be in the present moment. The activities in agriculture, gardening, cooking are always in team, and develop the spirit of collaboration. And we have the activities in nature, games, yoga and workshops. There are two times of collective meditation. And everyone has the opportunity to ask our teachers for guidance. For the participants, it’s a constant intercultural self-learning experience, as they have the experience of living in a multicultural environment, while learning and helping to create an eco-village. They learn more about organic farming, and are invited to create their own project of interest. We all learn from everyone, because there are always many cultural exchanges.

Are you interested?

There’s still time to participate information: volunteers@anandavalley.org

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