Soap making and Niyama Shaoca

The Yamas and Niyamas are yogic guidelines that help us stay on the path of bliss and should always be considered in action, word and thought.

The Yamas describe how we should behave towards the world and other beings.

  • Ahimsa Non-Harming, Freedom from Harming
  • Satya Benevolent truthfulness
  • Asteya Non-Stealing, Freedom from Stealing
  • Brahmacharya Seeing the divine in all things
  • Aparigraha Non-luxurious living 

The Niyamas describe how we should treat ourselves on a more personal level.

  • Shaoca Cleanliness
  • Santosha Contentment
  • Tapas Self Discipline
  • Svadhyaya Spiritual studies
  • Isvara-pranidhana Surrender

They are all important to follow and often have a deeper meaning than first meets the eye. For example the Niyama of Shaoca can involve cleanliness of mind by watching TV shows that do not clutter your mind and instead guiding your attention towards more elevating thoughts. At the same time Shaoca involves cleanliness of the environment and the body and hands which many experts are asking us to pay extra attention to in 2020. Ananda Valley soon will be able to help with, in the form of a locally produced artisanal soap full of love.

The Ananda valley family decided to create a soap in time for Christmas in cooperation with Elisabete, a local soap producer and friend. A lovely soap that both can help keep a clean body according to Shaoca and at the same time support Ananda Valley and Elisabete.

We decided to create two kinds of soap with different ingredients and effects, one soap containing calendula collected from the Ananda valley land and lemongrass essential oil, the other soap contains a mix of biological ground coffee and peppermint essential oil. We will provide more information about each soap and their effects in the near future.

Instead of asking Elisabete to supply us with the soap we took the opportunity and collaborated with her to make a workshop so she could spread her knowledge with the rest of us at Ananda Valley.  

It was a lovely workshop where Elisabete showed us the whole exciting process of soapmaking and was gladly answering any questions we had. After three hours of heating, mixing and chemistry we had two full boxes of soap that now need to rest for about a month before they are ready to be used.

Send us a request if you would like to purchase a soap for you or your loved ones for Christmas.

Text by Erik Spett

20 Nov 2020

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