Volunteer Review – Nico

If I could describe Ananda Valley in one word, then it would probably be Love. I’m not talking about romantic love, but of the more broad concept of love, where you can feel love for your parents, your siblings, your children, your friends, and ultimately every living being of this planet. And this is the love I’m talking about: love for everyone and everything. 

Ananda Valley is a very unique place, where your desire and longing to do good, to change the world, take a more real meaning. And this starts with a desire of self improvement. Because you cannot change the world if you don’t change yourself first. One way of achieving this is through a spiritual practice. Here you can get your first experience at meditation, or go deeper into your spiritual practice, if you already meditate regularly. Either way, I can guarantee you that is going to be an exciting journey into the deepest parts of your inner self. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

But this is only one side of what I experienced as a volunteer, because on the other hand there is the work at Ananda Valley. Only by working directly in the land, by getting our hands dirty, we can reconnect to the earth. Only by doing this we understand how alive the planet earth is, and how we have to take care and nurture it in order to survive. The options for work there are vast and diverse. Whatever your skills are, there is always gonna be a project that requires them. Before arriving there, I thought the most desired skills were related to permaculture, and was amazed to learn that skills like building or repairing are also very demanded. By the time I left I had of course learned a lot about permaculture, but I was also very happy knowing that I contribute to different projects using different skills.

Ananda Valley is an experience of inner growth, is a way of living,
is a way of seeing the world through a different lens:
a love lens.

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