The Story Farm – An organic story-telling adventure

Story-telling is deeply rooted in our communication culture. It is an integral part of how we connect with each other and ourselves. From sharing stories around the campfire to cinema, global news and advertising, we LOVE a good story.
With the explosion of Social Media, the ‘story’ has developed a very significant role in branding. The shift towards personal branding, be it entrepreneurship, influencers and even self-discovery has increased the desire to open the book to ones own personal story and harvest the understanding and tools, and most importantly, the joy to tell and share it.

What makes your story unique and juicy is that its yours.
I’ve had the privilege as the Story Farm mentor to have observed and learnt through the participants that, story-telling goes deeper than just branding or entertainment. There is an intricate personal journey of purpose when exploring our own story. Within this courageous journey, a flourishing, blossoming of our own creative potential organically takes place.

The intention of the workshop is to harvest the core message of the story in order for the telling to be authentic. Secondly, to nourish the participants with field knowledge, expertise and the technical skills of story-telling. In the progression of the workshop, original content will be created establishing a sustainable learning experience for the participant. Farm work as well as more introspective areas such as meditation, creative activities and simply playing, make up the Story Farm adventure map. A symbiosis of workshopping and literally getting your hands dirty, allows one to focus on a task, playfully plant the seeds of a story and dig-up the skills to tell it. As you learn you create and as you create you grow.

A story from Story Farm participant & Ananda Valley volunteer Florian van Schaik

The Story Farm workshop to me was a very inspirational one as it drew attention to a different side of community life that I previously had not really been involved in: how to come to and accurately and effectively spread out the message of what we are doing at Ananda Valley and what binds us together.
A part of what I enjoy about living here is to show my friends and family what other living and working alternatives exist and how to live sustainably and in harmony with the land. But in order to live by example and inspire, you need to come to the essence of this community life and know how to frame it.
During the workshop we tried to grasp that core message by analysing the shared values that we have and the practices that we do. It was a fun and engaging process, but challenging as well. We found out that many of us have different reasons to be here, whether it is living on the land or getting deeper in our spiritual practices, but there is a lot of overlap in the underlying values and world views that we have. The workshop and the self-reflection that we engaged in helped me to live even more intentionally in this beautiful community filled with kind-hearted souls.

Welcome to the Story Farm, where your Story grows.

A story from Mentor & Host Daniela Kohler

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