Volunteer Review – Carina

During my stay at Ananda Valley I learned a lot. About myself, relationships, group dynamics, boundaries, sustainable living, communication and creativity. I felt really inspired by the conversations I had with everyone of the Ananda Valley Community and I think that I made good friends here which I will see again at some point in my life.

The place of the Master Unit itself is magical and I´m very grateful that it provided the space to develop and implement new ideas. I enjoyed the variety of workshops we did in the evenings and it was nice to be surrounded by so many creative, passionate and visionary people. Thank you for going on adventurous hikes with me, enjoying the beautiful nature of Serra da Estrela together, sharing the stories of our lifes and feeling absolutely free while singing, dancing and practicing yoga.

Even though I enjoyed the experiences we shared as a group, community life was also challenging for me, because working and living so close to each other holds a lot of potential for conflicts and provides not so much space to take time for yourself. I think the challenge in that was to find a way to chose consciously when it´s time to just be by yourself for a while and also sometimes to not attend group activities, which to me has a lot to do with finding your inner balance. I think my stay at Ananda Valley made me even more balanced, conscious, confident and open to welcome every change that will come up in my life. I´m very grateful for that! 🙂

Written by Carina

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