Poem – a Channel of Love

A channel of love

Reason before the heart they say,
I am always choosing the heart though,
What makes me vibrate, what makes me feel alive,
This is why I came here,
Hearing the call of the Portuguese valley.

I want to learn, I want to explore.
A force is pushing me forward,
To follow my dreams,
Becoming who I am.
I want to know what the best choice is.
But there are no wrong choices,
Only choices and directions.
You either learn in the pain, either in the love,
Both ways are leading to the same direction.
“There are two paths you can go by, but in the lon run,
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”
Says a famous song.

Sometimes, connected to the people, to the place.
Feeling the love everywhere,
Seeing the beauty all around me.
Connected to each other and to the nature.
All these beautiful souls with their sparkle of divinity.
Seeing the different energies that make us unique and one at the same time.
Both the drop and the ocean.

Sometimes, tired, exhausted,
Doing a lot more than being.
Forgetting myself, my needs,
Disconnecting from other people,
Alone when I am surrounded.
Managing my emotions, my life,
Trying to not be a wet sponge,
Towards the emotions of others.

Facing is the key,
Accepting all the things that come.
The unloved sides, the fears,
All the feelings.
Giving love to these failures, to these scarves.
Taking responsibility.
Healing the pains, fixing the broken hearts,
Challenge after challenge,
Keeping in mind that behind each step there is a hidden gift.

No matter what will happen next,
What path will be taken,
Everything is for the best.
Slowly rising, spreading giant wings,
Daring to be myself.

Stop being little, you’re not little.
Stop adapting yourself.
Stop and be who you are,
A channel of love.

written by Laetitia

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