River Cleanup

On Wednesday, the 26th of May, Ananda Valley team had a cleaning of the Caia river.

We found a lot of plastics and garbage along the riverside.
It was about Karma Yoga which is an unselfish action for the benefit of others. It is a conscious action in which you are not waiting for benefits. Here in this particular cleaning, we could have imagined that the river is our mind and the waste is like all the thoughts that keep our energy at a low level so by picking it you are removing all the thoughts that don’t help.

Even if all the beautiful people of Ananda Valley are nature lovers conscious and aware of environmental protection, we could see that even in our beautiful place there are still a lot of plastics lost in nature. That means that we must continue focusing our attention on this particular topic and questioning our consumption of plastic and most generally our amount of trash in our daily lives. Some solutions exist to shift our habits and reduce our production of waste.

At Ananda Valley we focus our attention on recycling and composting, repairing instead of throwing away, shopping with reusable bags instead of plastic bags, using glass jars to keep food, doing meal plans for all the week. These are a few examples of little steps that can make a difference in the long run. We are all nature and nature is us. Nature provides us with food, water, air and everything we need to be alive so to preserve our beautiful planet and to preserve our health we should continue to take care of it and to do it as a priority in our lives.

Written by Letitia

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