The Olive Tree.

“With my blade shaped leaves
Silver and green colored
I stretch like you, to the light
Struggling over many years
Just to enjoy this amazing life
Strong and rooted are my feet
Enduring all the elements is my body
And my arms dance with the wind
And give fruits when the cold is here
I have enough water, even if it’s little
My branches are rugged
For the time it takes for me to grow
Some call me olive tree, others oliveira
And if you press my seeds I give this delicious golden oil
I can stay in the same place
My essence is to persevere
through the harshest conditions
And after many years I can give shadow
I like for humans to sit near me
I like if someones sits below just reading or meditating
My skin might me rough but I also enjoy hugs”

Poem written by Jiivanmukta
Featured image: Mahesvara & Ashvinii

It’s olive picking time, so we decided to make a community day out to Aguas Vivas.
Next Friday, we will continue to pick olives on our lands as part of our Karma Yoga event.
Go to our Facebook page to find out more.

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