A walk with others and ourselves.

32 people joined a walk on a sunny Saturday on the 12th of February.All together, we went along Cabeço Do Pião to Barroca. With Francisco Dinis as a guide during this afternoon, we were walking along the river. First he pointed out that we are crossing the “green” part of the landscape. After that, we crossed the river and discovered the “Moroccan” part of the landscape, a deserted mining area. If you are reading these words and do not understand their meanings, then you have not yet seen this unique landscape. With a few pictures, we share this oddity with you today. 

This road is taking us to an impressive landscape steeped in history. For more than a century, these mines were exploited because of its mineral inside called wolframite. The working of the land to obtain this mineral has destroyed the natural landscape. During the World War II, there was a growth of the activity in the exploration areas because, among other elements, the Germans bought in large numbers what was product here. In the nineties, the exploitation stopped and all workers left. Since this history, the landscape full of sand did not change. It is still like this today. The story can teach us about what can be the consequences after human trespassages. 

Was this walk only a walk? I don’t think so. Walking in nature means taking the time to enjoy what is around us. It is also contemplating the authenticity of the fauna and flora. It is moving us physically and mentally. It is temporarily get rid of all the material things that the modern world has brought to us. Walking allows us to concentrate on one simple thing at a time and to do so in a calm manner.

 It was a moment with others, but also a moment with ourselves. Walking is a great time to share with the ones you love or you have just met. But you can also clear your head : think about nothing else but only of the present moment. Be with yourself. Be with. Be. 

After reading this, start thinking about where and when is your next beautiful walk !

Written by Alex

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