May is here, hurray!

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May is here, hurray!
& summer is approaching with
all its glory, magic and unity.

We are excited to welcome so many great people and happenings this summer!

 Erasmus + Youth Exchanges & Training Courses2023
Erasmus+ Exchanges & Courses are coming!
We’re always so excited to host people from all over Europe.

A great opportunity to:
🔆 learn more about sustainability, community building, connecting with nature, social entrepreneurship & more!
🔆 learn from each other’s cultures and traditions.
🔆 practice our English skills.
🔆 meet new people.
🔆 travel, live and eat for free.

Take a look at the upcoming trainings below & feel free to apply if you match the profile.
Don’t forget to send the info to friends too!

21 – 29 Jun: Connecting Experiences
More info here.

28 Jul – 4 Aug: Footprints
More info here.

9 – 18 Aug: Back2Nature
More info here.


It’s almost time for…Ananda Festival of BLISS

🎨 Art 🧘 Spirituality 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Community 🌱 Nature
The four main pillars of our beloved festival.

We invite you this year again from 12-16 July to join us on a healing journey.
To move, sing, play, express and BE together.

Click here to know more about the idea, program and practical information, please visit:
or directly buy the ticket.

  Community Life


♡ Community Member on focus ♡
Rhiannon (and her lovely daughter Molly in the back).

Rhiannon came to Ananda Valley in August last year together with her daughter Molly and her partner Scott. As they tell the story, they just decided to get out there and look for better living alternatives. Such that focus on well-being overall – physical, mental, and emotional. And preferably somewhere in nature with access to lots of fresh fruit! Rhiannon is a proud raw vegan so fruit & vegetables are a must.

She has been such a blessing to this community.
If you come here, you will mostly find her in the kitchen preparing healthy & delicious meals for us. Or in the river. Or doing something fun and educational with Molly.

Exciting NEWS – a brand new Telegram channel

We hear you 🤗

Thank you all so much for the support and the feedback you’ve been giving us.
It helps us grow and improve : )
Some of you have expressed a desire for a communication channel with information on our
events, retreats, volunteering opportunities, etc.

So here it is!
Simply click on the link below or scan the QR code.

Ananda Valley Extended Family


🍃🐝 We are moving towards greater food self-reliance
through the agroforestry work camp immersion with Ecoativo

the past month, where we built a syntropic beehive agroforest,
along with additional land being cultivated by our agriculture team 🐝🍃

What’s next?
Please visit this page for info on our regular events & classes.
Our next PermaCrianças will be on 28th May.

Join us for more fun with permaculture, yoga & meditation!

Here’s the link for more information and registration.



“Do you require the help of a mirror to see your wrist watch on your wrist? No, you will never do that. Likewise, you need not go to the Himalayas in search of God, who is hidden in your own ‘I-ness.’ Living in the world, put forth your entire self for the service of society, and then you will attain God.”

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti



ANANDA NAGAR. Acrylic / canvas, 80 x 180 x 6 cm. 2012

Painting by our residential artist
Prahlad Fernando Aranda
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b r e a t h e ,  a c t   and   b e . . .  

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