Estamos com saudades de unir nossas culturas e linguagens. E também de sorrisos e abraços.Antes da pandemia tivemos alguns encontros culturais na vila de Paul.Num deles, tivemos uma Adufeira, músicos de Cabo Verde, Portugal, Austrália, França e até um Monge americano a tocar música juntos.Uma junção inimaginável, à qual mais músicos e mais nacionalidades se …



Volunteer Review – Alexandre Seguro

My name is Alexandre Seguro and I’m a Portuguese 17-year-old boy finishing high-school in Lisbon. I’ve become more conscious about the world around me in the recent years being concerned about its problems and striving to find and learn effective solutions. In the quest of making sense of my reality I started to question the …

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Volunteer Review – Annika Suvi-Marjaana

Happy moments for all of us  For me it was not just the end of 2018 but the end of living two years abroad – in Portugal and finally in Romania. 2016 I moved from the very very north of Finland (Utsjoki) to Oijärvi, from there to Espoo (south of Finland) and finally to Portugal, …

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Volunteer Review – Anouk Kraakman

You know that feeling that something isn’t right, but you cannot really figure out what is? I’m quite familiar with that feeling I have to admit. ? It’s not always present on the foreground, not at all actually. Often times I even completely forget about it, yet it never stays away for too long. This …

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Youth in Permaculture – It’s Our Future

Ananda Kalyani Master Unit is working with an international project called Youth in Permaculture (YiP), whose mission is to support and empower youths and young adults to lead fulfilling and healthy lives inspired by permaculture through events organised by and for the youth, who plan to share information and practical tools through online platforms and …

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New Year´s 2016 Retreat

Busy with everything around us, there are many impulses and incentives that assail us every day, so we need to stop and dive into ourselves. Another year passes, it’s time to make a retrospective, introspection and review of all the events that have transformed us. The New Year’s Retreat of Yoga and Meditation 2015/2016 took place in Paúl …

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