ORGANIC EPIC – Organic Agriculture for Empowering People and Inspiring Change

Project environment

This EVS volunteer opportunity starts in January-March 2017  and will last for 1 year (12 months). Please send your CV and motivational letter to if you are interested in the project.

The volunteer will

  • Learn about AMURT Portugal and Portuguese society
  • Work with organic agriculturenatural construction and permaculture techniques to help develop sustainability for an ecovillage based on spiritual principles (Ananda Kalyani master unit)
  • Run a personal agricultural project; the specific project will be designed by the volunteers and AMURT Portugal
  • Blog/Video Blog about their experience with sustainability and environmental issues
We will encourage the volunteer to be active in connecting with other groups and communities to share information and experiences. This will help the volunteer create links to the larger society of engaged people outside of our organisation. Accommodation will be provided in a shared house. The standard working week is 35 hours. Hours are very flexible and we will encourage volunteers to participate in external activities and internal programmes at the project, and we will take into consideration the wishes of the volunteer. Vegetarian food will be provided and a monthly allowance of 105€ will be given.

Required applicant profile

  • Physically strong
  • Willing to take initiative
  • Independent
  • Enjoys working in a team
  • Enjoys working on the land
  • Passionate about ecological lifestyles
  • Can adjust to working in hot, sunny conditions
  • Enjoys living in a rural setting (30 min from the nearest university city)
  • Can speak and understand English language

Desired applicant profile

  • Experience with organic & biological farming
  • Experience with natural construction techniques
  • Experience working with permaculture
  • Experience living abroad
  • Experience as an active volunteer in an NGO

Motivation and EVS experience

AMURT Portugal is an organization that is run entirely by volunteers. We feel that EVS would be a great opportunity for us to implement some projects that we hope would contribute to the development of our organisation. We can also offer the volunteer an environment where she/he can contribute their own ideas and also develop their own project. We believe that this will make EVS with AMURT Portugal very exciting and a great opportunity for a volunteer to hone their skills. AMURT Portugal has hosted a large number of EVS and non-EVS volunteers over the last 5 years.

Description of organisation

AMURT Portugal is a social and humanitarian non-profit/non-governmental organisation that is actively working in more than 80 countries. It aims to improve the quality of life of people around the world through disaster relief in emergency situations, permanent relief and local development projects to help individuals and communities in need, balanced social and personal development, as well as carrying out empowerment actions and international programmes. Our staff in Portugal is composed entirely of volunteers.



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