social hub for free-thinkers

Ananda Café

Two vegetarian cafés/restaurants in Covilhã & Fundão, social hubs for free-thinkers and for those who explore alternative ways of life.

open space in Covilhã

Ananda ROOM

An open space in Covilhã, hosting workshops and weekly activities related to Yoga, Meditation, music and dance.

several recurring events


Our beautiful green valley is the perfect spot to organise several events such as the “Ananda Festival of Bliss”.

green-IT and ethical tourism

Estrela Sustentavel

Is an ICT (information and communication technology) company that functions to create software for the future.

regeneration and sustainability

Learning Center

We are excited about a new project which is now in its initiation phase: a Learning Center focusing on Regeneration and Sustainability.

organic farming plots


Already harvesting blackberries and raspberries in season 2016 and now waiting for cherries first harvest in 2017 season. 

local organic food


Our second agricultural project is envisioned to provide us with economical and food sustainability, through a source of fresh and organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. 

permaculture perennial garden


Using a permaculture, biodynamic, natural agriculture insights, plus a pinch of intuition, we are creating step-by-step a self-sufficient forest made of a symbiotic community of mostly perennial edible plants and vegetables.