social hub for free-thinkers

Ananda Café

A vegetarian café and restaurant in Fundão, social hubs for free-thinkers that are keen on vegetarian and sattvik food

venue in Covilhã

Venue in central Covilhã for workshops and weekly activities related to Yoga, Meditation, music and dance. Do you want to host your workshop here? Contact us!

diverse events


Host your own event, or participate in the events that we organise here at Ananda Valley. They range from permaculture to retreats to festivals and youth exchanges. 

green-IT and ethical tourism

Estrela Sustentavel

Is an ICT (information and communication technology) company that functions to create software for the future.

regeneration and sustainability

Pequena Ilha Verde

Our educational base for the youngest in and outside of our community. We have a program for kids every weekday and arrange events for both local families and international families aspiring to become part of this world of neohumanistic education.

organic produce


Our brand of organic produce of oil, cosmetics, veggies, berries and much more. At Ananda Valley berries are our biggest export. Microvita and Ananda’s Agriculture team are working together to create more products to share with the locals.

artistic association


Artivos is our hub for arts and culture in Portugal for ten years, organising, different cultural activities such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals, workshops and meetings in Ananda Valley, Lisbon, Algarve and Covilhã. 

environmental association


Hosts events and courses on beekeeping, permaculture, agroforestry, hikes, reforestation of the local area and much more. Ecoativo develops syntropic agriculture as well as host conferences and workshops for universities, companies and kids surrounding a regenerative ecosystem. 


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