Our community garden

In April we iniciated our biological community gardens in Ananda Kalyani, with the people that have been investing and dedicating their time on the Master Unit project. We divided the garden in 6 plots for everyone to be able to enjoy their own piece of land and give freedom to their agricultural desires.  Picture 1 …

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Master Unit in “Terra Alternativa 2012” – Lisbon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47yIxA7_WhM Almost a month ago, but in the heart it’s happening right now: a wonderful gathering of interesting people, inspiring ideas, and hundred of different practical solutions, forgetting the “it’s not possible” motto of media. The Ananda Kalyani team was there, to present what is a Master Unit, how we can jointly move forward, showing …

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MU General Meeting 2012

Two days of full-immersion in Ananda Kalyani, 30 friends with common dreams and practical ways to give life to the Master Unit. Brainstormings, reports, presentations of implemented projects, several starting projects and future big steps; joining the efforts to create a better picture for the Master Unit.

Karma Yoga Weekend

[slideshow] Inspired by the PROUT Conference (R)Evolucionar Portugal – Um Novo Mundo é Possível, boosted by the march equinox (have a look here), and moved by the recent crisis in Europe and in all the world, with great joy it was held the first Karma Yoga Weekend in the portuguese Master Unit!

A different economic model ?

Crisis, unemployment, multinational corporations, accumulation, money-centered life, debt, capitalism, communism, nationalism, racism, fundamentalism, survival, egoism, control, power, ….. Love, harmony, balance, local economy, ecology, share, abundance, time, creativity, gift, being ONE…

Rooting hormones from willows and poplar trees

During last permaculture workshop I was happy to have discovered that from willows and poplar trees we can easily obtain a nice rooting hormone solution. Usually there is no need to use hormonal rooting solutions or powders, now very common and used like miracle-medicines to avoid proper thinking. But homemade willow or poplar solutions can …

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