Social change

Smiley volunteers cleaning the dishes

On an internal quest for evermore

During my ten-week stay with the beautiful surroundings and wonderful people that constitute Ananda Valley, I have learned to revalue productivity and to enjoy taking things slow. This development started with the necessary discomfort. While I started working in the kitchen team, I felt a constant urge to prove myself. I wanted to make sure …

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Youth in Permaculture – It’s Our Future

Ananda Kalyani Master Unit is working with an international project called Youth in Permaculture (YiP), whose mission is to support and empower youths and young adults to lead fulfilling and healthy lives inspired by permaculture through events organised by and for the youth, who plan to share information and practical tools through online platforms and …

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Karma Yoga Weekend

[slideshow] Inspired by the PROUT Conference (R)Evolucionar Portugal – Um Novo Mundo é Possível, boosted by the march equinox (have a look here), and moved by the recent crisis in Europe and in all the world, with great joy it was held the first Karma Yoga Weekend in the portuguese Master Unit!

A different economic model ?

Crisis, unemployment, multinational corporations, accumulation, money-centered life, debt, capitalism, communism, nationalism, racism, fundamentalism, survival, egoism, control, power, ….. Love, harmony, balance, local economy, ecology, share, abundance, time, creativity, gift, being ONE…