Urban development

One of the aims of the Master Unit is to revive the local areas through urban development. Providing housing, healthy vegetarian food, education, medical services, primary schools, elderly homes and an animal shelter. At the moment we have started with a cafe, an office, a yoga house and a learning center. 

Educational and event space

…an open space hosting several activities related to Yoga, Meditation & Art. We welcome everybody to join us regularly at our open meditation sessions on Wednesdays at 19:30. On Mondays & Thursday we also host Yoga classes. The classes run form 19:00 to 20:30 and the first class is for free. It’s a great way of meeting new people and sharing experiences, as well as a good way to keep your Yoga practice regular ;). We also regularly host Tantra Yoga and meditation courses! We are also starting other exciting activities, e.g. Latin Dances, monthly Women Circle etc.  Occasional vegetarian sattvik cuisine workshops and raw vegan cooking classes are in the planning for 2017. If you’re interested then please regularly visit our Facebook page, and help us by sharing some posts with your contacts…Thank you.

Vegetarian Restaurant

A vegetarian and alternative space with international flavors.
This vegetarian café and restaurant is a social hub for free-thinkers and for those who explore alternative ways of life. A place where we meet and share ideas, where we engage ourselves in discussions and debates, hosting several events like cultural nights (intellectual and gastronomic trips around the world), conferences, presentations and other similar initiatives. We never forget to have fun! Ananda Café is also a place to meet your friends (there’s always someone you know, here!), relax and eat a muffin listening to wonderfully handpicked music, share a meal with loved ones or make new acquaintances – it’s amazing to see how many different and amazing people this place attracts!

Housing for volunteers


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