Join the transformational journey of becoming a volunteer for Ananda Valley. 

In becoming a volunteer you can choose one of the teams below that suits you, and what you want to learn and contribute with the most. What we offer is for you to experience life in a spiritual community, to be part of daily spiritual practices (optional), and to be surrounded with nature, as well as, spiritual teachers and mentors that can support you through your inner and outer journey. 

We have various living conditions depending on season and demand for example, community houses, dormitories, private rooms, tents or caravans. Throughout your time here you will be fed delicious mostly locally sourced vegetarian food prepared three times a day by our great international kitchen team.

We are happy to receive dedicated and inspired service-minded volunteers that are interested in spirituality, nature, personal growth and alternative living. It is desired but not necessary to have special skills in your preferred choice of team. 
We only accept volunteers for minimum 1 month or for specific events. 


Farming, gardening, permaculture, agroforestry

Communication: Design, social media, brand development and networking

Repairing, fixing, maintaining, improving, optimising.

Building, rebuilding, architecture, natural construction.

Management,  organisation & development.

Cooking vegetarian and sattvik food for community & events.

Fascinated? Inspired? Interested?

Please send 
CV and motivation letter to:


General volunteer

Desire to experience life in a spiritual and ecologically minded community? Come work in one of our teams
6 hours a day, 5 days a week in one of our teams for at least one month. 
Introductory phase: 10€ euros per day 
Skilled: Evaluation and potentially free

Erasmus+ Volunteer

Learn, live and thrive with us and be funded by the EU for travel, food, accommodation and pocket money.
Conditions: Under 30, needs sending organisation from residential country. Between 2 and 12 months. 

Team Leader

Are you really skilled in one of our areas, come and share your knowledge with us and lead others by being a team leader.
Conditions: 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Free of

daily life of a volunteer - TESTIMONIALS

Alex - Portugal


Volunteering here is not an easy adventure, it is challenging but very rewarding! 
If you are willing to let your ego aside and face new challenges, this is a place where you can do it with joy

Annika - Finland


When I heard about the project, I was amazed! I couldn’t believe such project exists, combining every aspect of my passions: community life, healthy lifestyles, cooking, yoga, mantra music & adventure & education.



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